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BAAR is an automated Identity Governance and Administration platform which helps administer identities and implement related controls.

BAAR Technologies helps secure your digital identities

BAAR provides required solutions for end-to-end administration as well as governance of your identities in an automated manner, however complex your environment is or whatever your technology stack is.

Our automated Identity Governance and Administration platform ensures the right users have access to the right data on time.

In today’s environment information is critical and data privacy is imperative.

The zero-trust model says ‘Trust nobody’.

But to keep businesses moving users need to access data. We need to ensure the right users have access to data on a need basis. Controlling and monitoring access is a challenge, especially in large and complex environments. Digital transformation and blended environments (cloud and on-premise) further adds to the complexity.

Strong Control

Controls are activities performed by an individual or system or a combination to manage a specific risk to an acceptable level. BAAR-IGA (BAAR Identity Governance & Administration) enforces these controls and ensures your identities are managed in a secure manner.

Continuous Control Assurance

Control testing refers to the verification if controls are operating as intended to provide assurance to relevant stakeholders and usually involves examination of evidence or reperformance. BAAR-CA (BAAR – Control Assurance) continuously tests the operational effectiveness of your IT controls. This provides oversight and ensures your environment remains secure and compliant.

Our solutions help your organization with the following


Enhanced Security

Prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. Mitigates the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.


Improved User Experience

Streamlines login processes and reduces password fatigue. Enables single sign-on for convenience.


Compliance and Regulations

Helps organizations meet data protection and privacy regulations. Facilitates auditing and reporting for compliance purposes.



Enables tailored services and content for users. Enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Cost Efficiency

Reduces the need for password resets and IT support. Minimizes the financial impact of security incidents.


Productivity and Efficiency

Speeds up access to systems and resources. Simplifies onboarding and offboarding processes.


Risk Management

Prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. Mitigates the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.


Business Continuity

Prevents unauthorized access to sensitive information. Mitigates the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks.



Scales easily to accommodate growing user bases and evolving needs. Supports business expansion and agility.


Centralized Control

Provides a centralized view of user identities and permissions. Facilitates efficient management of user access rights.

BAAR-IGA Solutions:

This section automates the onboarding (creation of ADID, email ID, assignment of RSA token, VDI creation), offboarding, amendment, transfers, reactivation. When the source data (e.g. HRMS is changed, BAAR-IGA will action the change)

Once a user’s identity (e.g. ADID) has been created, access to the required applications, servers, databases, network folders, etc. are provisioned for the user based on a role designation matrix. Access is removed/changed when the user is offboarded or transferred.

At regular intervals, access review campaigns are set up so a certifier can ensure the right people have access. Access reviews can be done for system access or for policies (e.g., who has access to the internet from their work laptop). These can be scheduled or anomaly-driven.
BAAR-IGA monitors user entitlements in systems and ensures separation of duties exists. SoD monitoring can be done inter system or intra system. BAAR-IGA looks at the access control lists for each system and compares them with the SoD rule matrix.
These policies play a critical role in enforcing security, compliance, and access control within an organization's identity management framework. Examples include enforcing a password change at regular intervals and monitoring timebound internet access from work laptops and many more.
User-friendly web interface that enables individuals to manage their own identity related requests, such as password resets, access requests, and profile updates. Empower users, enhance efficiency, and reduce administrative workloads while ensuring secure and compliant access management.
BAAR-IGA offers single sign-on as well as multi-factor authentication and adaptive multi-factor authentication for all new age as well as legacy applications. BAAR-IGA also has its own authenticator app that ensures secure access using biometrics.
A universal directory, in simple terms, is a centralized database or repository that stores and manages user identities, attributes, and access privileges across various systems and applications within an organization. It provides a unified view of user information.

BAAR-CA solutions:

An automated ongoing process that systematically assesses the performance and reliability of security measures and risk mitigation strategies within an organization. It involves real-time data collection, analysis, and feedback to ensure that controls remain effective in safeguarding against threats and vulnerabilities.

When anomalies are detected in control tests, these systems automatically implement corrective actions or adjustments to bring the controls back into compliance, reducing the need for manual intervention and enhancing security resilience.
This is a visual tool that provides a concise overview of how well security controls are performing. It displays key metrics, compliance status, and any anomalies or weaknesses, enabling quick insights into the overall effectiveness of an organization's security measures for informed decision-making and action.
This involves the systematic management and organization of documentation, artifacts, and data that demonstrate the implementation and effectiveness of security controls. This process ensures that evidence is collected, stored, and made accessible for compliance audits, reporting, and verification purposes, facilitating a structured approach to control validation.
These are detailed records of activities performed during the testing of security controls. They capture information such as test execution dates, outcomes, errors, and any actions taken. These logs are crucial for documenting the testing process, troubleshooting issues, and providing evidence of control effectiveness.
These present key information and metrics to auditors. They display real-time data, compliance status, and audit findings, facilitating efficient monitoring and assessment of an organization's financial, operational, or security controls. These dashboards aid auditors in making informed decisions and recommendations during their assessments.
Enhanced Trust

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