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Automate your digital security processes using the power of AI and Low-code workflows

What is BAAR?

BAAR is an intelligent low-code IT security Workflow Transformation Ecosystem which automates end to end digital security workflows by deploying rules-based, cognitive, and artificial intelligence capabilities.

All our products have been built using BAAR. This is what makes them scalable, flexible and quick to deploy.

BAAR enables organizations to achieve digital security Transformation objectives through a scalable drag and drop, AI powered workflow-driven architecture, customizable components, and easy to build low code platform for rapid customization.

BAAR-IGA’s new age technology can connect to all systems and is quick to implement

Connect to any system

Quick Implementation

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Visual Workflow Design

BAAR offers a user-friendly interface for designing automation workflows visually. Users can drag and drop predefined integrations, actions and conditions to create sophisticated automation sequences without the need for extensive programming knowledge.

Integration with Applications

BAAR integrates with a wide range of applications and systems, including legacy software, web applications, databases, and APIs. This enables seamless data exchange and automation of end-to-end business processes spanning multiple systems.

Robust Exception Handling

BAAR offers robust exception handling capabilities, including retry mechanisms, error logging, and alerting, to manage unexpected scenarios and maintain process integrity.

Scalability and Performance

 BAAR is designed to scale efficiently to handle large volumes of transactions and accommodate growing automation needs. BAAR leverages distributed processing, load balancing, and optimization techniques to ensure high performance.

Security and Compliance

BAAR incorporates robust security features, including data encryption, role-based access controls, audit trails, and compliance reporting, to protect data integrity and ensure regulatory compliance.

Analytics and Monitoring

BAAR offers dashboards and reports that track key metrics such as process execution times, error rates, productivity gains, and cost savings, enabling organizations to optimize and fine-tune their automation initiatives.

BAAR empowers organizations to automate complex IT processes effectively, drive operational efficiencies, and accelerate digital security transformation initiatives with minimal manual intervention




Visibility and Control

Compliance and Security

Agility and Flexibility:

Cost Savings

Case Study

A midsized bank Customizes Identity Governance with BAAR-IGA’s Low-Code Backend
The customer, a prominent financial institution, recognized the importance of tailoring its identity governance processes to meet specific organizational requirements. With a diverse user base and complex access control needs, The Bank sought a flexible solution that would allow for extensive customization without requiring extensive coding efforts. BAAR-IGA, with its drag-and-drop low-code backend, emerged as the ideal choice to empower The Bank with the flexibility and agility needed to adapt its identity governance framework to evolving business demands. has context menu


Diverse User Base: The Bank served a wide range of customers, employees, and partners, each with unique access requirements and privileges.

Complex Access Control Needs: Managing access rights across multiple systems and applications while ensuring compliance with regulatory standards posed significant challenges.

Customization Requirements: The Bank required a solution that could be easily customized to accommodate specific business processes, workflows, and policies without extensive coding efforts.


The Bank implemented BAAR-IGA to streamline its identity governance processes while leveraging the platform’s low-code backend for extensive customization. The solution provided the following key capabilities:

Drag-and-Drop Customization: BAAR-IGA’s low-code backend allowed The Bank’s administrators to customize workflows, forms, and policies using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, eliminating the need for extensive coding and development resources.

Flexible Workflows: The Bank could design and implement custom workflows for user provisioning, access requests, and certification reviews tailored to its specific business processes and compliance requirements.

Dynamic Access Policies: BAAR-IGA enabled The Bank to define dynamic access policies based on user attributes, roles, and business context, ensuring that access rights were granted or revoked automatically as users’ roles and responsibilities changed.

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): The solution facilitated RBAC, allowing The Bank to define granular access roles and permissions and assign them to users based on their job roles and functions.

Integration Capabilities: BAAR-IGA seamlessly integrated with The Bank’s existing systems and applications, including HR systems, Active Directory, and business applications, enabling seamless data exchange and process automation.

Increased Agility: The Bank achieved greater agility in adapting its identity governance framework to evolving business requirements, thanks to BAAR-IGA’s drag-and-drop customization capabilities.

Enhanced User Experience: Customized workflows and forms improved the user experience for employees, customers, and partners, reducing friction in access request and approval processes.

Improved Compliance: By customizing access policies and workflows to align with regulatory standards and internal policies, The Bank enhanced its compliance posture and reduced the risk of regulatory violations.

Cost Savings: BAAR-IGA’s low-code backend reduced the time and resources required for customization and maintenance, resulting in cost savings for The Bank.

Streamlined Operations: Customized workflows and automation capabilities streamlined identity governance processes, enabling The Bank to manage access rights efficiently and maintain compliance with minimal manual intervention.


By leveraging BAAR-IGA’s drag-and-drop low-code backend, The Bank successfully customized its identity governance framework to meet its unique business needs. The solution provided the flexibility and agility required to adapt to changing requirements while improving efficiency, compliance, and user experience. Moving forward, The Bank continues to leverage BAAR-IGA’s customization capabilities to innovate and optimize its identity governance practices, ensuring a secure and compliant environment for its stakeholders.

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