BAAR-IGA is an Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform that ensures secure and compliant management of user identities and access, reducing security risks, enhancing efficiency, and enabling organizations to meet regulatory requirements.

BAAR-IGA Features:


Identity Lifecycle Management

This section automates the onboarding (creation of ADID, email ID, assignment of RSA token, VDI creation), offboarding, amendment, transfers, reactivation. When the source data (e.g. HRMS is changed, BAAR-IGA will action the change)


Access Lifecycle Management

Once a user’s identity (e.g. ADID) has been created, access to the required applications, servers, databases, network folders, etc. are provisioned for the user based on a role designation matrix. Access is removed/changed when the user is offboarded/role changes


User Access Certification

At regular intervals, access review campaigns are set up so a certifier can ensure the right people have access. Access reviews can be done for system access or for policies (e.g., who has access to the internet from their work laptop). These can be scheduled or anomaly-driven.


Segregation of Duties

BAAR-IGA monitors user entitlements in systems and ensures separation of duties exists. SoD monitoring can be done inter system or intra system. BAAR-IGA looks at the access control lists for each system and compares them with the SoD rule matrix.

Product Architecture

BAAR-IGA is built using BAAR, the low-code workflow based infrastructure transformation eco-system. The native capabilities of BAAR allow for BAAR-IGA to connect to any system and work with any type of data (structured or unstructured).

What sets us apart:

Unrestricted integration

BAAR-IGA can integrate with any system, irrespective of availability of API’s. Be it a legacy application or mainframe. All identity lifecycle related tasks are fully automated so is Integration for pulling access lists and automated revoke of access after user attestation.

Low-code workflows

All of BAAR-IGA is built on a low-code workflow based system (BAAR). This allows for quick customization to the default workflows to fit your needs and changing regulations. Existing workflows cover most scenarios and keep allow for customization using a set of rules.

Continuous Monitoring

BAAR-IGA continuously monitors your environment for all policies and ensures appropriate remediation steps as configured are taken the moment there is an anomaly. Be it a backdoor user that has been created or a user who has accessed the network after being terminated.

Anomaly based access reviews

Access reviews do not have to be scheduled or adhoc. The moment BAAR-IGA finds certain anomalies, an access review is sent to the appropriate custodian. If he custodian says access needs to be revoked, BAAR-IGA will revoke access.

Integrated IAM and IGA

Managing identity administration (IGA) and managing access to systems (IAM) are fully integrated. This allows for governances across both, what your identities have access to and how they access the systems.

BAAR-IGA Deployment types:

BAAR-IGA support models:

Enhanced Trust

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