Control effectiveness testing automation

Control Assurance Transformation.

Control assurance refers to the process of verifying that security controls and measures effectively protect systems, data, and operations from risks and threats.

Operational effectiveness testing of controls is an integral part of control assurance, as it validates control implementation, assesses effectiveness, and helps organizations maintain a robust security posture.

Operational effectiveness testing of controls is a crucial component of control assurance. It helps by:



It verifies whether controls are implemented as intended in the security policy or framework.


Effectiveness Assessment

It assesses the effectiveness of controls in mitigating risks and threats.


Identification of Weaknesses

It identifies weaknesses or gaps in controls that require improvement.


Compliance Verification

It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


Risk Reduction

It aids in reducing the likelihood of security incidents and their potential impact.



It provides data for informed decision-making regarding control adjustments and investments.


Continuous Improvement

It supports ongoing control enhancement and maintenance for better security posture.

The services the BAAR team provides for control assurance are as follows:

The BAAR team will work with your control assurance teams and create custom automation to test your ITGC controls in your environment. Reusable scripts make sure the process is accelerated. Coupled with BAAR’s open-source control assurance portal means no license cost has to be paid year over year.

  1. The BAAR team will setup a control assurance portal using BAAR’s open source code-base. This means, no introduction of a new product or paying license fees year over year. Since this portal is open source, any level of customization is possible.

Mode of engagement

BAAR will support your needs through a staff augmentation model, supplying skilled and experienced personnel. These resources are adept at delivering the services necessary to transform your control assurance framework.
Enhanced Trust

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