The BAAR team thrives on innovation, constantly pushing boundaries with creative thinking, cutting-edge technologies, and novel approaches. We embrace challenges as opportunities for inventive solutions, driving continuous improvement and forward progress.

Our team is innovative through a culture that encourages creativity, embraces new technologies, and fosters collaboration. We continuously seek fresh ideas, adapt to change, and solve complex problems with inventive solutions.

Innovation for impact

We help to keep your data safe through innovation

BAAR Innovation Lab

Our innovation lab is a dynamic hub where we brainstorm, research, prototype, and test groundbreaking ideas and technologies. It fuels our mission to create pioneering solutions that drive industry advancement.

Continued research topics


The BAAR innovation lab built enterprise grade products with configurable workflows using low-code its low-code platform. Deployment of the platform only needs rules to be updated in a table from the user interface and the workflows will do their magic.

Purposeful AI

The power of AI used with the existing workflows to ensure the workflows are data agnostic. It does not matter if the data is structured or unstructured.

Unrestricted integration

With RPA integrated in the workflows, integration with any system is a breeze. If a person can access data from a system, BAAR can integrate with the system.

2FA for legacy applications

2 factor authentication for legacy applications. This includes adaptive authentication.

Single logout

BAAR-IAM’s identity provider authenticates the user and allows for passwordless login to legacy applications. When the user logs out of the service provider, the user will automatically be logged out of the legacy application as well.
Enhanced Trust

Want to transform how you manage identities and controls?

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