IAM As a Service. What Does Good Identity and Access Management Look Like?

IAM As a Service. What Does Good Identity and Access Management Look Like?

These days, many organizations have started using solutions that are delivered as-a-service through the cloud, for example, Google Workspace, Dropbox, Salesforce etc. But not all categories of services are covered by the cloud; IAM (Identity and Access Management) is one of them. Recently, IAM has started moving from the traditional approach to IAMaaS (“Identity and Access Management-as-a-Service”). IAMaaS is a cloud-based IAM package that provides a centralized cloud-based directory service. The IAMaaS process for managing employee identity is secure compared to a traditional platform. It connects all systems and provides necessary resources to the employees virtually. It is also fully scalable and can grow with your company.




Single sign-on is one of the popular features provided by IAMaaS. This feature helps to integrate several solutions for your organization’s infrastructure and enables a single sign-on solution. If the employee logs in to that one asset, then they will get access to all other assets. It not only enhances the user experience, it also provides more robust security. Here the employees of your organization do not need to perform multiple authentications and do not need various permissions. It creates a flawless authentication system, and the IT team of your company needs to manage only a single system for each employee.



The password-less authentication feature of IAMaaS eliminates the need to remember the passwords for multiple applications. The password-less authentication feature uses physical devices, biometrics, and other processes to identify Users. Still, it is essential to use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance the system’s security. You can even integrate MFA with password-less authentication processes for robust and user-friendly IAM experience.



The IAMaaS provides automatic provisioning and de-provisioning services for all employees of your organization. It plays a vital role in decreasing the work pressure from the IT team of the company and standardizing the process. It makes the whole process secure and less error prone.



Password Management is one of the most critical factors in securing organizational data. An organization needs to use a better password management system to avoid employees accidentally sharing their passwords with others. This feature of IAMaaS provides an all-in-one authentication service for all employees of the organization.



The Role-Based Access Control feature is vital in providing or restricting permission for necessary applications. This access control feature uses Zero Trust Infrastructure. It reduces the possibility of access misuse and increases security. Using this feature, IAMaaS can introduce a system that automatically controls the permissions for your applications. It is similar to the privileged management system and is vital in restricting individuals from using the wrong applications or systems. The privileged management system is one type of identity security solution which plays a vital role in protecting the organization from cyber threats. It monitors, detects, and prevents unauthorized access to important resources.



The IAMaaS provides a User management feature that allows the company’s administrators to manage the User identities. This feature helps perform various operations such as assigning permissions and roles, modifying the User attributes, and creating and deleting user accounts from the system. It plays a vital role in providing or removing user access to various applications, servers, and databases. It can automatically set up permissions and access levels based on organizational data.



These days, most organizations’ Identity and Access Management use multi-factor authentication. It is more secure than a single passcode or password. Suppose the employee of any organization accidentally shares the password of an application with another person (inside or outside of the organization). Despite a password leak, the other person still cannot access the application because of Multi-Factor Authentication. MFA prevents compromising the network of your entire organization.



When your organization implements the IAMaaS effectively, it can solve Compliance and Audit services challenges. The standard feature of IAM (Identity and Access Management) cannot check the access of all files and documents of the organization. But, using the IAMaaS, the organization’s Admin can check all Users’ access. It helps to know which User is using which files or documents. It prevents data misuse and helps in the audit process. Based on the organizational need, IAMaaS can incorporate different regulations. Educational, health, and financial companies are some of the industries which must meet these regulatory standards.



Using the IAMaaS, the employee can independently access any application, files, or organization folders. It reduces the workload of the IT department, and they can easily track these types of access requests. Although, the IT department of your organization can restrict access to any application or document if it is strictly needed. The IAMaaS also follows the Zero Trust Infrastructure to make the Self-service access request more effective.



Your organization can get multiple benefits from implementing the Identity and Access Management-as-a-Service. Using BAAR, you can avail of the following benefits –



The IAMaaS of BAAR provides better security to your organization and helps control user applications and account access rights. It monitors and updates User rights and also keeps an eye on the authentication system of the applications. BAAR’s Identity and Access Management system adopts access to the digital Identity of Users, which provides a more flexible monitoring process for your company’s administrator. It identifies the security flaws in the system by monitoring the authentication process constantly. Through this technology, you can increase the security of your business network.



BAAR’s Identity and Access Management service is an easy and effective solution for your database and workspace. It provides an easy-to-handle administration process that helps perform user registration, edit user access settings, create privileged groups, etc. You can also customize User access and provide User approval for any documents and applications based on organizational needs. The Automated Identity and Access Management process saves the administration a lot of time.



The IAMaaS software of BAAR Technologies plays a vital role in reducing your company’s services by incorporating a simple authentication mechanism. It helps in the Identity and Access control of the internal organizational network. This IAMaaS software of BAAR provides an option to set up solid password and two-step verification policies. When upgrading the security of your applications and confidential data, IAMaaS allows MFA (Multi-factor Authentication). It improves the security strategy. The software also allows you to set a strong password by enforcing password rules and expiration sessions. It ensures that your data is present as supervised. The IAMaaS software reduces the threat of cybersecurity attacks.



When your company invests in Identity and Access Management, it invests in itself. BAAR Technologies’ IAMaaS software provides insurance for your organization. It controls your system from the leading platform. It saves money from spending on broken and outdated systems needing extra maintenance and expensive updates. Apart from this, the security of IAMaaS helps to avoid the damaging pitfall to your system. Prevention saves you money you might have paid to cybercriminals. Mitigating a data breach in your organization prevents financial damage and reputation loss.



BAAR Technologies’ IAMaaS software automates the Identity and Access Management process and controls your employees’ digital identity. Our software considers the roles and responsibilities of all employees of your organization to automate the access monitoring process. The IAMaaS software of the BAAR Technologies also considers several parameters while monitoring the access, such as organizational unit, domain, office location, employee, etc.



BAAR Technologies’ IAMaaS system provides simple account configuration and user provisioning procedures. It eliminates the extra steps of onboarding an employee and reduces the required time by automating the whole process. This system maintains a direct workflow for allowing access to the right people. It decreases the possibility of errors and enhances the security of the system. The administrators of your organization can edit the Identity and Access Management System guidelines to control access.



Important information about the company can be lost or confused among a vast group of employees. Sometimes, it is difficult for organizations to obtain data or share files with the right person. The IAMaaS system of the BAAR Technologies provides the possibility of sharing information simply. The excellent framework of this system provides a common platform for sharing important information about your organization. Using the IAMaaS, your company’s employees can quickly find the files and other data in a respectful and safe way. It will add good value to your company, so nowadays, it is essential to switch to an IAMaaS.

As mentioned above, BAAR Technologies provide the IAM service that helps your organization improve its management system. It will positively impact business implementations, management, and operations. The IAMaaS of BAAR Technologies uses modern-day Technologies (Automation, AI, etc.) so that the platform users can work harmoniously with exceptional security. These days, it is essential for all organizations to use a secure system for Identity and Access Management. Our IAMaaS secures all the devices and platforms of your organization. It helps to perform a strong business and make your employees and customers happier. This system removes the extra workload from the employees and enhances their productivity.



Scalability is a crucial advantage in identity and access management (IAM) as it enables organizations to efficiently manage an increasing number of users, applications, and devices. A scalable IAM system can adapt to the changing needs of an organization, whether it is due to growth, mergers, and acquisitions, or changes in business processes. With a scalable IAM system, organizations can add or remove users, applications, and devices without disrupting the entire system, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. Additionally, a scalable IAM system can help organizations achieve cost savings by minimizing the need for additional hardware or software purchases, reducing maintenance and administration costs, and optimizing resources. Scalability is a critical advantage in IAM as it enables organizations to grow and adapt while ensuring secure and efficient access to resources.


In summary, IAM (Identity and Access Management) as a Service is a cloud-based solution that provides organizations with a centralized way to manage user access to systems, applications, and data. Here are some characteristics of a good IAM as a Service:


  1. Security: The IAM solution should be secure and adhere to industry-standard security protocols. The solution should include features like multi-factor authentication, encryption, and access control to ensure the protection of sensitive data.

  2. Scalability: The IAM solution should be scalable to meet the needs of growing organizations. It should be able to handle an increasing number of users, devices, and applications without compromising on performance.

  3. Integration: The IAM solution should be able to integrate with other systems and applications to provide a seamless experience for users. This will help reduce the burden of managing multiple logins and passwords.

  4. User-friendly interface: The IAM solution should have an easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily manage their accounts, passwords, and permissions.

  5. Compliance: The IAM solution should comply with industry regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. It should also provide audit trails and reports to help organizations demonstrate compliance.

  6. Support: The IAM solution should have a responsive and knowledgeable support team that can help organizations troubleshoot issues and provide guidance on best practices.


Overall, a good IAM as a Service solution should provide a secure, scalable, and user-friendly way to manage user access to systems, applications, and data while complying with industry regulations.


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