Customer Support and Self-Service

Our commitment to seamless self-service is coupled with responsive support, ensuring a harmonious balance of autonomy and assistance, fostering a secure and efficient user experience.

What is Customer Support and Self-Service

Customer support and self-service functionalities empower users with direct control over their account management tasks, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. 

Self-Serve Password Reset

Enables users to reset their passwords independently, reducing helpdesk workload and improving user satisfaction.

Automated Account Management

Allows users to manage their account details and preferences, streamlining user experience and administrative efficiency.

Access Request Portals

Users can request access to resources directly, speeding up the access granting process and enhancing governance.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Management:

Offers users the ability to manage their MFA settings, improving security and user autonomy.

User Profile Updates

Empowers users to update their own profile information, ensuring accurate user data with minimal administrative effort.

Knowledge Base and FAQs

Provides users with self-help resources for common issues and questions, optimizing resolution times and reducing support tickets.


BAAR-IGA helps verify the identity of their customers and assess associated risks effectively. Here are the key capabilities:

Identity Verification

BAAR-IGA helps verify the authenticity of customer-provided identity documents, such as passports, driver’s licenses, and national IDs. Advanced systems may also use biometric verification, like facial recognition, to confirm identity.

Document Authentication

BAAR-IGA uses AI for document recognition and authentication techniques to ensure that the presented documents are genuine and unaltered. This involves checking for watermarks, holograms, and other security features.

Risk Assessment

BAAR-IGA assess the risk associated with each customer. They categorize customers based on risk factors like location, business type, and transaction volume, allowing businesses to apply appropriate due diligence measures.

Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Screening

BAAR-IGA screens customers against PEP lists to identify individuals with ties to politically exposed or high-risk individuals. This helps in risk assessment and compliance with anti-money laundering (AML) regulations.

Sanctions and Watchlist Checks

BAAR-IGA checks customers against global sanctions lists and watchlists to ensure they are not involved in illegal or prohibited activities, such as terrorism or money laundering.

Customer Due Diligence (CDD)

BAAR-IGA performs CDD to gather additional information about customers, such as their source of funds, business relationships, and expected transaction behavior. Enhanced due diligence may be triggered for higher-risk customers.

Ongoing Monitoring

BAAR-IGA continuously monitors customer behavior for unusual or suspicious activities. This helps in detecting potential fraud, money laundering, or other illicit activities in real time.

Data Privacy and Consent Management

BAAR-IGA facilitates the management of customer consent and data privacy preferences, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations like GDPR.

User-Friendly Interface

BAAR-IGA’s interface makes it easy for both customers and compliance officers to navigate the KYC process. This includes clear instructions for document submission and validation.

Integration with Regulatory Databases

BAAR-IGA integrates with relevant regulatory databases and sources to access up-to-date information on sanctions, watchlists, and other compliance data.

Audit Trails and Reporting:

Comprehensive audit trails and reporting capabilities allow organizations to maintain records of KYC processes and generate compliance reports for regulatory authorities.


BAAR-IGA is scalable to accommodate an increasing number of customers and transactions without compromising performance or security.

Machine Learning and AI

BAAR-IGA leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve fraud detection, risk assessment, and decision-making processes by analyzing customer behavior patterns.

Adaptability and Customization

BAAR-IGA adaptable to changing regulatory environments and customizable to meet specific business needs and compliance requirements.

BAAR-IGA plays a pivotal role in safeguarding a business from financial crime, maintaining regulatory compliance, and ensuring the security and trustworthiness of its customer relationships.


Customer support and self-service, particularly in managing customer identity, are integral components of a modern customer experience strategy. Let’s explore their importance:

Empowering Customers through Self-Service

Self-service tools empower customers by giving them direct control over their personal and account information. This includes functionalities like updating contact details, resetting passwords, and managing privacy settings. Providing these capabilities fosters a sense of autonomy and satisfaction, as customers can make changes instantly without waiting for assistance.

Enhancing User Experience

Self-service options streamline the user experience. Customers often prefer quick, self-guided solutions for simple tasks, and these tools provide just that. They can efficiently handle routine identity management tasks like account setup or verification processes, improving the overall user experience with the brand.

Reducing Support Overload

By enabling customers to manage basic identity and account tasks independently, self-service reduces the demand on customer support teams. This means support staff can focus on more complex queries or issues, leading to better resource allocation and more efficient customer service operations.

Increasing Accessibility and Convenience

Self-service portals are accessible 24/7, providing convenience that traditional customer support channels cannot match. This round-the-clock accessibility is particularly beneficial for customers in different time zones or those who prefer managing their accounts outside of standard business hours.

Security and Privacy

In the context of customer identity, self-service tools can enhance security. For instance, by allowing customers to directly update security settings or change passwords, these tools can help maintain high security standards. They also give customers greater control over their personal data, which is crucial in an era where data privacy is a major concern.

Building Trust and Loyalty

Efficient customer support and self-service options can significantly boost customer trust and loyalty. When customers feel that they can manage their identity easily and securely, and that support is available for more complex issues, it strengthens their trust in the brand.

How we are different

Integrated Feedback Loop

A built-in feedback mechanism within the self-service portal allows for continuous improvement driven by user insights. BAAR-IGA harnesses this data to refine and personalize the support experience, closing the loop between user feedback and service enhancement.

Dynamic Self-Help Resources

BAAR-IGA’s dynamic knowledge base evolves with user interactions, offering tailored tutorials, FAQs, and resources that empower users to resolve issues independently, reflecting a true understanding of their needs.

Automated Identity Health Checks

Unique to our platform, automated health checks for user identities prompt proactive self-service actions, ensuring users maintain optimal access health, minimizing potential access issues, and reducing support tickets.

Unified Support and Identity Dashboard

We provide a unified dashboard that integrates support directly with identity management tasks, allowing for a streamlined workflow where help is always a click away within the same interface.

Case Study:

Enhancing Customer Identity Management at a Leading Telecommunications Provider


A leading telecommunications provider, faced challenges in managing customer identities. With a growing customer base, the company struggled with high call volumes to their support center, mainly for routine tasks like password resets and account updates.


The main challenges included:

  1. Overburdened customer support team with routine identity management queries.
  2. Inefficient customer experience for identity-related tasks.
  3. Security concerns in managing customer identity information.


The telecom implemented a two-pronged approach – enhancing self-service capabilities and improving customer support:

Robust Self-Service Portal

They developed an intuitive online portal where customers could easily manage their account details, reset passwords, and update personal information. This portal was equipped with strong security features like two-factor authentication to protect customer identities.

Knowledge Base and FAQs

A comprehensive knowledge base and FAQs were integrated into the portal to guide customers through common issues and queries.

Dedicated Customer Support for Complex Queries

For issues that were too complex for self-service, The telecom’s customer support team was trained to provide efficient and secure assistance, particularly for identity verification and security concerns.


Reduced Call Volume: The self-service portal significantly reduced the volume of routine calls to the customer support center.
Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers enjoyed quicker resolution of routine tasks and appreciated the empowerment of managing their identities independently.
Improved Security: The secure design of the self-service portal and the expert handling of identity issues by the support team enhanced overall security.


By effectively combining self-service with dedicated customer support, the telecom not only streamlined the management of customer identities but also improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This case study demonstrates the value of integrating self-service with robust customer support in managing customer identities.

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