Customer Onboarding

BAAR-IGA verifies and grants access rights to your customers so they can access your company’s digital products and services.

BAAR-IGA simplifies Customer Onboarding

Once BAAR-IGA authenticates and authorizes the customer, it creates and assigns a digital identity to your customers, which allows them to access your company’s digital resources. BAAR-IGA also provides ongoing management of the customers’ digital identities, including the management of access rights, permissions, and roles.

Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Using risk-based analysis to determine the appropriate level of authentication required for a given user and access request, BAAR-IGA balances security with usability by only requiring additional authentication factors when necessary.

Integration with Legacy Applications

Streamline your journey: Customer onboarding bridges the gap between legacy integration and modern efficiency.

The BAAR Directory

A cloud-based IAM hub offering unparalleled scalability, anytime accessibility, and seamless integration across platforms. Effortlessly connect with top cloud directories while reducing infrastructure costs.

Prevent Attacks

BAAR-IGA epitomizes the gold standard in safeguarding customer identities, rigorously managing, monitoring, and enforcing access rights. By delving deep into the intricacies of customer identity, we not only reinforce data integrity but actively prevent attacks, solidifying a trust foundation in digital interactions.

Native RPA Engine Enabling Legacy Integrations

Built using BAAR, a low-code infrastructure automation platform

AI Enabled, use the models available in the library or plug-in your own custom models

Data Engineering: Identification, Reconciliation and Transformation at the speed of business.

The BAAR-IGA Benefit

Safeguard Your Data

BAAR-IGA enhances security by enforcing strict access controls, defining roles, and regularly reviewing user permissions. It detects and mitigates security risks, like unauthorized access, through automated monitoring and reporting. Additionally, it streamlines password policies and ensures compliance with security standards, bolstering overall cybersecurity posture.

Enables Compliance

BAAR-IGA helps with compliance by centrally managing user identities, access permissions, and roles within an organization. It enforces policies, automates access provisioning/deprovisioning, and provides audit trails, ensuring that users have appropriate access levels and that compliance requirements, such as regulatory mandates, are met efficiently.

Increase Employee Productivity

users and who might be facing issues. Then, you can provide the necessary training to those who require it. With BAAR-IGA employees always have access to the tools they need to do their job. BAAR makes it easy for employees to request new tools and for the IT team to resolve them in an automated manner.
Enhanced Trust

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