Integrated Identity Security and Compliance

BAAR helps streamline processes, enhances security, and improves user experience by centralizing identity data, simplifying authentication, reducing duplication, and ensuring consistent security measures across all applications

Identity Access Managment

Ensure authorized access to resources, managing user identities, and enforcing security policies

Identity Governance & Administration

Manage user identities, access rights and compliance across diverse systems

Privileged Access Management

Securely control, monitor, and manage access to privileged accounts and sensitive data

IT Control Assurance

Verify and ensure that internal IT controls are effective in achieving organizational objectives

Access and Security at the speed of your business


Self-serve portal for requesting password resets. Multiple channels can be set up, e.g. text messaging, chat, etc. Updating your contact information has never been easier.

IT Operations

Access administration is automated. The IT teams can focus on keeping the environment running rather than providing and monitoring digital access.

Risk & Compliance

Identity-related controls are continuously monitored and tested. Up-to-date compliance reports are available at the click of a button. If your environment has unique needs, you can easily create custom reports.

Secure Access to all your Applications

With over 5,000 + apps available in the Baar Directory,
secure any app easily.



Ensure compliance, manages risks, protects sensitive data, enhances efficiency, fosters trust, and facilitates auditing and reporting



Identity security ensures adherence to regulations, mitigates risks, safeguards assets, enhances trust, and maintains operational integrity



Identity security and Control Assurance is crucial for governments to ensure regulatory compliance, mitigate risks, safeguard public resources, maintain transparency, and uphold public trust.



Ensure secure access, protects student data, streamlines operations, and fosters a safe learning environment


What Our Clients Say About Us

Our clients consistently express their admiration for our services, demonstrating unwavering satisfaction and trust in our IAM, IGA and Control Assusrance solutions and expertise.

BAAR-IGA platform exceeded my expectations! Seamless integration, intuitive interface, and exceptional support. Increased productivity and simplified workflows. Highly recommended for any business looking to streamline governance processes.

Mark Wilson Large North American Bank

BAAR has delivered as promised. The technology is great and has helped us with our compliance and automation. The ROI has been great

Chris Mussio University In California

We have 20 LOBs and each has different rules for onboarding employees. We piloted lots of other products but liked the quick turnaround and flexibility of BAAR. The product and team has been amazing and has gone live in record time and automated use-cases that other systems could not. Moreover, the end state is completely ‘no touch’ and saved us a lot of money.

Michael Callahan Large Shared Services Organization
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