User Access Review

BAAR-IGA simplifies the process of User Access Reviews for all systems (New age, legacy, On-prem, cloud). User Access Reviews in BAAR-IGA are of the following types:

User Access Reviews maintain security and compliance and minimize risks by regularly verifying and adjusting user permissions and protecting sensitive data.

Segregation Of Duties

BAAR-IGA continuously monitors for Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts. SoD management covers the following:

Segregation of Duties prevents conflicts of interest, fraud, and errors by dividing tasks, enhancing accountability, and ensuring operational integrity.

Policies Management

BAAR-IGA manages your identity and access policies continuously and fully automated. Examples of policies are:

Automated access management policies streamline security, improve efficiency, and reduce human error by enforcing consistent and timely access controls.

Risk Profiling

BAAR-IGA’s AI assigns a risk score to users using the following attributes:

Automated risk profiling proactively identifies and mitigates security threats, safeguards sensitive data, and maintains regulatory compliance effectively.

Audit and Compliance

BAAR-IGA automates access controls, auditing, and compliance reporting, ensuring transparency, accountability, and adherence to regulatory requirements.

Access Anomaly Monitoring

BAAR-IGA continuously monitors your systems for inappropriate access any users may have. Some examples are as follows:

Automated Control Testing

BAAR-IGA self-tests and continuously monitors logical access controls before an internal or external audit (SOC, SOX), ensuring the operational effectiveness of the controls. Automated control testing increases efficiency, accuracy, and compliance while reducing human error, providing robust security and regulatory adherence.

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