Identity Lifecycle Management

BAAR-IGA manages the entire identity Lifecycle in a fully automated manner. This includes the following:

Automating the identity lifecycle mitigates risks, saves time, enhances audit outcomes, improves onboarding processes, and reduces IT operational costs. The benefits are immediate and extensive.

Access Lifecycle Management

BAAR-IGA automates provisioning, modification and de-provisioning of access based on a birthright for Applications (Legacy, On-prem, and Cloud), Network folders, SharePoint folders, Databases, Switches, Firewalls and more.
Access Lifecycle Management optimizes user access provisioning, modification, and de-provisioning, bolstering security, compliance, and resource utilization across organizations. 

Automated Access Revocation

BAAR-IGA automatically revokes access or changes user roles based on the outcomes of user access reviews.

Automated access revocation post-user review enhances security, mitigates risks, ensures compliance, and minimizes unauthorized access, fostering robust data protection.

Transfer Access Management

BAAR -IGA automates access provisioning, modifying and de-provisioning when a user is transferred within the organization.

Transfer Access Management ensures seamless user transitions within organizations, maintaining data security, minimizing disruptions, and preserving productivity. 

Centralized Identity Violations

BAAR-IGA finds violations for an identity across multiple security systems like: Privileged Access Management, User Behavior Analytics, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Systems, Endpoint Security Solutions and more. 

Centralizing identity violations from all monitoring tools provides a unified view, streamlines response, enhances security and simplifies compliance reporting.

Self Serve Portal

BAAR-IGA allows users to self serve for the below activities. Approval and process workflows can be customized:

The Self-Service Portal empowers users to manage their access, reducing administrative burden, improving efficiency, and enhancing user experience.

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